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Oh Happy Day!

Oh dear friends, life has gotten very busy & complicated (1. When is it not? and 2. More on this later) but today was a very happy day. It was riding in a Dharma van and blasting Shambala kind of happy, because the final season of my beloved LOST was released on DVD today. Now my collection is complete and I can begin my re-watch with Jay & Jack, ’cause that is how much I love this show and that is the kind of nerd I am.

Today was also a happy day if you are a lover and reader of books as the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy is out today, hurray! If you like young adult books set in a dystopian future with lots of action, suspense, political drama AND love triangles (sort of, kind of), then get thee to your local library or bookstore and read The Hunger Games. Such fun.

Excuse me while I go watch all the bonus features on LOST before I stay up way past my bedtime reading Mockingjay (if you are reading it too, don’t tell me anything! I haven’t cracked the spine yet). It’s a good day to be a nerd.


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Hello my dears! I have recuperated from the dreaded summer cold and exhaustion from, I don’t know, real life I suppose? Anyways, I am feeling much more myself these days and so I’m back to ye old blog. To kick things off, here are five things I enjoyed during my two week hiatus.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World ~ I loved the graphic novels and everything Edgar Wright has done, so I was very excited for this film. Happily, it lived up to my high expectations. Go see it! It was definitely the most fun I’ve had at a movie this summer.

2. Fruit & Veggie Juice ~ I picked this up when I was sick, looking for something other than my beloved orange juice to quench my never ending thirst. The taste is a perfect blend of citrus fruits and though it says “no sugar added” you could have fooled me as it so sweet. I have now got The Boys addicted to it—they are buying it three at a time and gulping it down like there is no tomorrow. Good stuff.

3. Reading ~ I was in a reading funk for the longest time (a little over a month, but that is ages in Christine reading time), but finally got over it and have read four books in the past week. I just finished the above book by Francisco X. Stork today, which you should go check out from the library. He is fast becoming one of my favorite YA authors.

4. Roasted Vegetables & Pasta ~ Thanks to my CSA box, I’ve had an over abundance of vegetables this summer. I had to come up with a quick and easy to way to use up some eggplant that was getting a bit, um, ripe—which is how I found this pasta recipe from Everyday Food. It’s now one of my quick & easy go-to recipes. I say use whatever vegetables you have handy—squash, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, onions—it’s so simple but so very delicious.

5. Neville ~ My little hedgehog isn’t so little anymore! He’s doubled in size and has mastered running in his wheel. Poor thing is quilling right now (getting his adult quills)—which is kinda like when babies are teething. He’s very huffy, doesn’t want to be held and tries to bite my finger if it gets close to his mouth, but it’s okay. I still like him.

That is all for now—I stayed away from the internet for a while so I have a bit of blog reading to catch up on. If I missed anything super exciting or important, be sure to tell me.

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Ooh La La by Faces

If my life thus far could be summed up in one song, it would be Ooh La La.

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Hello, dear readers. Just a heads up that I’m going to take a break from ye old blog this week. I’m a wee bit exhausted and may be coming down with a summer cold—those are the worst kind of colds, am I right? So I’m heading back to bed for some much needed sleep and will see you next Monday, okay? Don’t have too much fun without me.

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Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

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