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…but you wouldn’t know that from my posting habits as of late, would you? Well, I have a good excuse. It just so happens that in early March, I happened upon a wardrobe, and when I climbed into it and ducked behind the fur coats, I found myself in a country inhabited by people short in stature with rather large, hairy feet. They enjoyed eating and drinking and *I* enjoy eating and drinking, so we got on very well. They introduced me to their neighbors, a large family of red heads who were very lovely people, especially the father, who wanted to know what exactly was the purpose of a rubber duck? They had friends staying with them as well: a boy with glasses and a strange scar on his forehead; a girl with brown, bushy hair; a blonde girl with a dreamy voice that was probably as sane as I am and a boy who kept on mentioning his grandmother (who I wanted to put in my pocket and take home with me). I then wandered through the forest and somehow wound up in a jungle of some sort and I thought I saw a black cloud of smoke following me, but it must’ve been the heat.

Ok, clearly, I did not fall into a Narnia-esque world where Middle Earth meets Harry Potter and LOST (although that would be the most awesome world ever created). April Fools! (?) No, I’ve been busy becoming more grown up and thinking more about math & numbers than is good for my brain. Dear readers, I bought a house!

My new house

That is NOT an April Fools joke. My brother and I decided to take advantage of the housing market and ridiculously low interest rates and are moving in at the end of April. It’s an adorably small house that was built in 1952 but has recently been updated, so thankfully the only thing I really have to worry about is what color I am going to paint my sewing room (more on that later). So that is the reason for all the silence and lack of shop updates/blog commenting/emails (I owe you a novella now, Kate, haha). I was stressing out buying a house during the middle of South by Southwest, ’cause I’m crazy like that. But now I’ll probably inundate you with posts on thrifting mid-century modern furniture (HA!) and meandering thoughts on what paint color would Betty Draper choose? I hope you’ll still stick around…it could be fun.

Your ever nerdy rambler,



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