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Jane Austen Pleated Bag in PinkA quick update to let you know that another Jane Austen bag is available in my little shop, this time in pink! And while we are on the subject of Austen, I recently finished reading Searching for Jane Austenby Emily Auerbach and highly recommend it to all you Austen fans. It’s a wonderfully researched, thoughtful and well balanced look at each of Austen’s novels and her early work. I really enjoyed learning about the many references that Austen used that her contempary readers would understand but may escape the notice of a modern audience. It was also refreshing to read a book on Austen by someone who has similar opnions to my own on Austen’s life and novels. I don’t think Austen was a prude spinster who longed for marriage and thus wrote as an escape and to pen her own “happily ever after”. I read Austen, not for the romance (but I will acknowledge that I adore Mr. Knightley and Henry Tilney)  but for her biting look at human nature—and she makes me laugh.

“At the bottom of Kingsdown Hill we met a gentleman in a buggy,
who, on minute examination,
turned out to be Dr. Hall —
and Dr. Hall in such very deep mourning
that either his mother,his wife, or himself must be dead.”

~Jane Austen from a letter dated May 17, 1799


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Jane Austen+Polka Dots=Love.

Yesterday I put a new skill/craft together with an old one and made this Jane Austen book/tote/shopping/whatever bag!

Jane Austen bag

I took a screen printing class back in November and I’ve been itching to really DO something with it—and this is the result! I screened the image onto a creamy cotton fabric which I then reversed appliqued to the front of the bag. It kinda reminds me of a portrait hanging on a wall—which has given me the idea to do a whole series of dead author portrait bags. I think I’ll have to tackle my beloved Dickens next. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and it’s now available in my shop!

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Yesterday was a fantastic day. Today, not so much. It’s not that it’s been a bad day; just a uneventful, mundane day full of errands (like going to the Post Office, fun), a pile of mending and tedious sewing to finish, not winning the Amazon contest to get the opportunity buy a copy of Beedle the Bard to MAYBE get one of the 35 copies signed by J.K. Rowling and either I sprained my thumb or the inevitable arthritis is starting to set in, because my left thumb really hurts. But yesterday…


5 Reasons Why Yesterday Was Awesome


1. I was notified that I was one of three lucky winners of Pink Chalk Fabrics Thanksgiving sale giveaway. YAY! Now I have a gift certificate to buy even MORE fabric. I’m trying to exercise some self-control and refrain from using it now, but I think I will have to pick some of this collection up for an adorable one year old I know.

2. I bought a pound of fresh, locally roasted, fair trade, delicious coffee during “$2 off Tuesday” at a little cafe downtown. Just doing my part to Keep Austin Weird

3. Xbox live+Netflix=DVD quality episodes of 30 Rock available for streaming at a moment’s notice. “Never go with a hippie to a second location.”

4. My Pink Chalk order arrived Monday night (hurray for fast shipping!) and I was so excited I made a bag out of my new fabric right away. It’s my go-to, basic, pleated bag that is perfect carrying the essentials: wallet, cell phone, Burt’s Bees chapstick, my Sigg bottle, iPod & FM transmitter, an apple, weekly planner and whatever book I’m reading at the moment. Okay, that is probably more than the essentials and it might also explain the shoulder pain, but at least it’s pretty!


5. Pizza from Gino’s for dinner. It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

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