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Good morning, dear readers! I have to dash off to work, so you are spared my sleepy ramblings. Here are the two patterns up for grabs this week:

Simplicity 3973

McCall's 9372

{click on the pictures for a larger image and the envelope back}

The giveaway is open to everyone from everywhere and ends Friday the 12th at midnight (US central time). Simply leave a comment with a way to contact you and you will be entered. The winter Olympics begin this week so my question to you is this: are you ready?!?! Are you excited? Or are you someone who doesn’t give a flying flip about the Olympics? I am someone who could care less about professional sports (aside from baseball, I love baseball), but I love the Olympics. Figure skating, speed skating, curling, ski jumps–you name it, I will watch it.

Enter away!


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Today is Monday, February 1st and I am home in bed, sick with a cold. Or the flu. Not sure which it is yet. There are 13 days left until V-Day and I am sick. This is not a good thing for someone who works at a flower shop. I loathe February 14th more than anyone else I know, but since this is the year Twenty Ten–the Start of Something New–I have decided to make the best of this dreaded month.

Nothing makes me happier than buying/making & giving something away to people I like–and if you’re reading my blog chances are you are someone I like. Every Monday I’ll be giving away two vintage sewing patterns, with a surprise or two added for kicks. I’m trying to think of something else to give away to you non-sewing types, but my brain is in a fog and all I can think about is orange juice and tea. So be on the lookout for something completely different latter this week.

Here are the two patterns up for grabs this week–click the pictures for a larger image & the envelope back:

McCall's 9057

{This pattern is complete with instructions}

McCall's 8367

{This pattern is complete with instructions, but the original owner made some pattern alterations to the sleeve & dress length}

The giveaway is open to everybody from everywhere and ends Friday the 5th, midnight-ish (Austin time–which is central time). Just leave a comment with your name, a way to contact you (email or blog, whichever) and tell me why you loathe February 14th as well what you are looking forward to the most this week. Me? I’m nearly bursting with excitement over the premiere of the final season of LOST tomorrow night. I’m going to get all emotional like I did at the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when I was finally handed my own book. *sniff* Oh LOST, I do love you so.

Enter away!

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Right, so this is probably the 20th time you’ve seen this dress pop up in your blog roll, but it is so pretty, I hope you don’t mind starring at it again! I can’t believe I almost let the chance to enter Grosgain’s contest to win this lovely, lovely summer dress custom made by the super fun & talented Loose Teeth slip by. Apparently, I wrote the entry in my head and only dreamed I had actually posted it here. *sigh* Sometimes, I am a blogger of very little brain.

But back to the dress. Seriously, what is not to love? Between the retro vibe, eyelet underskirt, the spaghetti straps complete with bows and the fact that it is made from a blue, yellow, white & red plaid seersucker, this is a summer dress for every girl. It brings to mind fireflies, popsicles, watermelon and sitting on the porch while singing songs like a Disney movie from the 60’s:

*sigh* I think my ideal grandfather would be a combination of Ed Asner, Burl Ives, John Wayne & my dad. That grandpa would’ve called me “kid”, sang his own version of “Lavender Blue”, would rant and rave over how many clothes we youngsters have and wondered why I needed a new dress—and a few days later the above seersucker loveliness would have shown up in a box on my front porch. I never knew my grandfathers as they died long before I was born, but think that save for the folk singing aspect, they would’ve been exactly like my imaginary ideal.


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