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HBP Title

A new trailer was released a few days ago for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and I think it may be my favorite HP trailer yet. I’ve watched it several times and because I’m a nerd I feel the need to share my favorite shots. I’m so excited about this movie.

I. Love. Hermione.

Let’s take a moment and really appreciate Hermione in this picture. This is Hermione of the books: bushy, untamed hair. I love this. As a side note, what is Neville doing in NEWT potions??? You know what, I really don’t care, because I love Neville & if this means we get more of him in the movie, I’m all for that.


LUNA! In spectrespecs! I think those would be fun and easy to make. Hmmmm…

Hermione crying

Poor Hermione. I’m pretty sure this is not from the end of the movie, but rather in response to Won-Won & Lav-Lav. Notice the awesome Gryffindor shirt—I’m sure Hot Topic or somebody will come out with shirts like this before long.Outside the cave


Fight back you coward!


Ugh, and then they go and ruin the trailer by reminding me that I still have 8 months to wait. Thanks, WB. Thanks a lot. This movie better live up to all the hype and expectations I have, because you ruined my birthday. Do you really think I’m going to line up for the midnight showing of Twilight? I think not, not even to watch this trailer on the big screen. July can’t come quick enough.


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I’m not very fussy when it comes to my hair. I’ve had the same haircut for a few years—shoulder length with layers—and I really have no desire to change it. So it was very unlike me and a bit impulsive when I bought this pair of bobby pins from Naughty Secretary Club at Maker Faire. I loved the colors (and apparently so does Jennifer Perkins, considering they’re named “My Favorite Color Combo”) and I was in the “Keep Austin Weird” mood, so I bought them and then wore them every day for two weeks. Apparently, it wasn’t that I don’t like hair accessories, I just had yet to discover my perfect accessory match until then.

Retro galsArmed with the how-to and inspiration from Jen’s “Make Your Own Fabric Jewelery” demo at Maker Faire, I bought some bobby pins with a round pad from Etsy (although I found them later at Hobby Lobby, who knew?) and set to expanding my bobby pin collection. First, I made a pair using scraps from a Michael Miller print and a fabric covered button kit I had lying around. I love these gals.

My favorite Next, I grabbed my button stash and sorted through my collection of vintage goodies from my grandmother and the bags I bought back at my school days at FIDM. I made several mix & match combos, but this chocolate brown and green is my favorite, thus far

I’ve got some more ideas for bobby pins to add to my collection, but I seem to have crafting ADD at the moment and I flit and float from project to project, which is kind of fun and kind of driving me crazy. Maybe my brain will settle down once my screenprinting class is finished. Or maybe I’ll just start printing every surface in sight…who knows!

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I’ve been debating on how to start this blog for eons—and suddenly it’s the first of November and I decided to heed the advice of my favorite Uncle:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”—Walt Disney

Hello world! Welcome to my little corner of the internets.

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