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{The complete (well, nearly) set}

Between being sick, V-day, camera problems and personal issues (or what I like to call just being a girl), the picture a day was a bit more sporadic in February. Oh well. Hurray for March! New month, new start.


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In which I share an old picture of a member of my family….

These are Ludvig’s (AKA Pop) sisters, Hilda and Magda Gunda. I like their hair and Hilda’s (or is that Magda Gunda?) pleated shirtwaist.

*edited to add the following note* My mom initially mis-remembered the names—Magda was the name of a family friend. Hilda was the oldest child and is definitely the one on the right. GUNDA (not to be confused with Magda) is on the left in the awesome shirtwaist.

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My brother tipped me off to this inspiring photo blog, My Father’s Archive. The pictures are being posted by the son of Larry Nicholson, who has been a professional photographer since the 1950’s. The blog was started back in December and I can hardly wait to see how it grows. These are some of the amazing photos I’m already in love with:

{I’m fond of quiet moments like these}

{I love elephants!}

{The never ending sky}

{I wish I ran into Knights doing everyday tasks}

{Now that is what I call a stack of pancakes}

{The man behind the lens}

What are some pictures or images that are inspiring you this week, dear readers?

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The Final February Freebie

It’s hard to believe the month of February is nearly gone. South By Southwest will be here before I know it and I will have a house full of French musicians. Oh my goodness, I just realized it is less than four weeks away—I better start cleaning and try to learn some basic French! But I’m rambling. Sadly, we have come to the last pattern giveaway for the month of February, but fear not! I have had such fun with my little giveaways I have already begun to plan another one. The next shall be book related, but you’ll have to be patient and wait for the details later. I’m so mean.

Once again I asked my brother to pick a random number to determine the winner (I think he is just as good as an online random number generator) and the lucky dame is Kristin of Oh My Bettie—congratulations!

The two final patterns I’m giving away are from 1963 and are the same size but unfortunately both are missing the instructions. However, they are fairly simple patterns—nothing you dear readers couldn’t handle!

Simplicity 4845

Simplicity 4861

{click on the pictures for a larger image and the envelope back}

See—“Simple to Make” the first one proclaims. As always, the giveaway is open to everyone from everywhere and will end Saturday the 26th around midnight (US central time). Leave a comment with your name and tell me what you are looking forward to in March. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland? The beginning of Spring or Fall? SXSW? Enter away and good luck!

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Disney Nerd Alert

I was born to baby boomers who watched The Mickey Mouse Club and visited Disneyland the year it opened. I’m a child of the 80’s and grew up with the Disney Afternoon and saw all the 90’s classics (Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, etc) in the theatre. I worked in the costuming department of Disneyland for about a year. It’s a bit of understatement to say I’m a Disney nerd—so I am really super excited to see this documentary:

How exciting! What was your favorite Disney film from the early 90’s? It’s a tough choice, but I suppose I’ll go with Beauty and the Beast. Although Aladdin is really funny…but Belle has that awesome library the Beast gave her….and now I want to watch Disney movies the rest of the afternoon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Vintage Family Friday

In which I share an old picture of a member of my family….

Ludvig Paulsen AKA Pop

{Ludvig Paulsen}

My great-grandfather, Ludvig Bernard Paulsen, who would have celebrated his 122nd birthday on February 15th. He was born in Norway in 1888 and immigrated to Canada in 1909 before settling in Los Angeles. My mom calls him “Pop”. He died in 1976, eight years before I was born, but I feel as if I know him better than other relatives I grew up around. Happy 122nd Birthday, Pop!

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I am so excited because Vday is over and done with, YAY!!! I was so exhausted I went straight to bed after the Olympics last night and forgot to set my alarm. Oops. I was a bit late to work this morning but thankfully it was quiet so we called it quits around 2 and headed home for some well deserved rest.

Guess what else I forgot to do? Announce the winner of the second set of patterns. I asked my brother to pick a number between one and eighteen and the lucky winner is…Selina! Congratulations!

The two patterns I’m giving away this week are:

McCall's 9116

McCall's 7684

Entries are open to everyone (I love you international readers too, you know), simply leave a comment with your name and tell me your favorite Olympic sport to watch. Or if you’re not into the Olympics (what?!?), just say “Hi!” and tell me how your week is going. Seeing as how I am posting this late in the day, I’m keeping the giveaway open until midnight (central US time) Saturday the 20th.

Good luck!

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