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Paulsen Family

Standing (L-R): Ole, Hilda (the oldest), Hedvig and Gunda.
Sitting (L-R): Paul, Ludvig, Betty (the mother) and Borghid.

I’m not sure if it was taken in Norway or California, but it supposedly is from the late 1920’s. It’s hard to tell because the girls’ clothing looks more late Edwardian to me, but that doesn’t mean anything—I wear clothes that are ten years old. ANYways, let us admire Hilda’s hair and agree that Gunda looks like she would have been the fun Aunt that baked you cookies and laughed at all your jokes. Also, Ludvig was totally the most handsome Paulsen, right?


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If I had been a clever or more prepared blogger, I would have posted a nifty little “Blog-vacation” notice last week, ’cause I knew life during SXSW was going to be all kinds of epic crazy—but I didn’t, so there. And now I’m back! I’m starting with Pip’s “Five Faves” meme that started last week.

Five Favorite Things From This Week (Thus Far)

1. This weeks episode of LOST, “Ab Aeterno”. I try not fill up my blog with LOST ramblings, but in “real life” I could probably talk about this show 24/7.  This weeks episode told a story us LOST nerds have been waiting years to know and it exceeded my very high expectations. LOST, I love you so.

2. Remembering Fess Parker and watching Davy Crockett. I cried as I watched the above clip after I learned my beloved childhood hero had passed away last week. He deserves his own post.

3. Bluebonnets! Wildflower season has begun and the Bluebonnets have started popping up here and there. I can’t wait until they take over the Hill Country (like in the above photo). Fields and fields of wildflowers make me happy.

4. Solitude. I’m a girl who likes her alone & quiet time and though I did retreat to my bedroom several times last week to escape the French invasion, it just didn’t feel the same. But now my house is quiet and mine once again and I am reveling in my moments of solitude.

5. Drinking Sweet Leaf Tea. Currently, I am loving their green teas—pomegranate, citrus, mint & honey—they are scrumptious! I think this Austin tea is now widely available in places like Whole Foods, so you should go try it. Your taste buds will thank me.

What are some of your favorite things from this week?

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My Dad

This is my dad. Isn’t he awesome? I’m pretty sure this was taken in 1962 (maybe ’63), but I may be wrong. I’m glad my grandma left one sheet intact as I think it looks neat with twelve Stephen’s smiling in a row.

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Elsie and Mable

Why has enormous bows in young girls hair never returned as a trend? I don’t think the hair bows in the 80’s count. Someone needs to bring back this fashion statement.

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Bored At Work

On Wednesdays, I work at the flower shop’s second store by myself. When it is anytime but Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, this usually means I have a lot of free time to catch up on my reading, listen to podcasts and be bored (alas, there is no internet at the second store). Today while I was bored at work, I was going through a few vintage Disneyland pictures I had saved and started writing notes on them. ‘Cause I’m a nerd.

This next girl is so awesome, I want to dress just like her next time I head to Disneyland. I bet she is wearing a Mickey Mouse Club shirt.

{original photos via Gorillas Don’t Blog}

Vintage Disneyland+Fifties fashion=Love. Don’t you just love it when two of your favorite things in life come together? It’s like when The Office makes references to LOST or Harry Potter. It makes my nerdy heart happy.

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