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Christine vs. The World

Hello bloggy friends! Is bloggy the right term? Whatever—who cares, right? If you’re in the US, I hope you had a grand long weekend. Now it is back to work. *sigh* At least I got to spend a lot of time reading, eating with friends and watching movies, so I can’t complain. I saw “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” for the second time and I feel like I should tell you I LOVE THAT MOVIE. Wow, it is fun. I can’t wait to buy own copy of it on DVD so I can watch it over and over again. For me, it’s going to be in same category as “That Thing You Do”: Movies that make me happy and I love so much that the instant they are finished I want to immediately watch them again. Yep, that is Scott Pilgrim. And right now, you can go make a Scott Pilgrim avatar, which, like the Mad Men yourself site, is so much fun you may find yourself wasting spending a lot of time making different versions of yourself. The above is pretty much how you will find me at the flower shop today. It is supposed to rain all day long and I do not like driving around making deliveries in the rain. Nope. But I will survive, because as you can see, I am clearly awesome.


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I wish Hogwarts was real.

Happy September 1st everybody! If you happen to be at King’s Cross station today, wave hello to all the nerds taking pictures at platform 9 3/4 wishing they could get to Hogwarts.

P.S. This makes me laugh:

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Oh Happy Day!

Oh dear friends, life has gotten very busy & complicated (1. When is it not? and 2. More on this later) but today was a very happy day. It was riding in a Dharma van and blasting Shambala kind of happy, because the final season of my beloved LOST was released on DVD today. Now my collection is complete and I can begin my re-watch with Jay & Jack, ’cause that is how much I love this show and that is the kind of nerd I am.

Today was also a happy day if you are a lover and reader of books as the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy is out today, hurray! If you like young adult books set in a dystopian future with lots of action, suspense, political drama AND love triangles (sort of, kind of), then get thee to your local library or bookstore and read The Hunger Games. Such fun.

Excuse me while I go watch all the bonus features on LOST before I stay up way past my bedtime reading Mockingjay (if you are reading it too, don’t tell me anything! I haven’t cracked the spine yet). It’s a good day to be a nerd.

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Harry Potter Bunting

Harry Potter Bunting

Sometimes when I get an idea in my head for a project, I spend a lot of time researching, planning and writing out all the particulars in order to execute the project—and that is all that ever becomes of it. Then there are times when I throw together a project without much planning or thinking. Sometimes they turn out and sometimes they don’t—but I’m pretty happy with the results of this silly little project. All it required was a book (extra copy of Deathly Hallows I got at a library sale for fifty cents), a bit of ribbon or some such (I used some bias binding lying in my trim box) and time to cut the pages. I had it all sewn up and hanging on my wall in a few minutes.

Harry Potter Bunting

That was how I spent my Saturday—how about you?

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Today, Disneyland is 55 years old. I was in the park five years ago to celebrate the 50th—it seems a bit odd not to be there today. A lot has changed in those five years; people I thought would forever be in my life have up and left me. People who I barely knew or I hadn’t even met before July 2005 are now near and dear friends. I’ve moved over five times, had several jobs (including working at Disneyland on two separate occasions), a few roommates and bought a freaking house (a fact that still freaks me out).

Disneyland hasn’t remained unchanged either; Jack Sparrow became a permanent fixture on Pirates of the Caribbean, the subs were brought back with a Finding Nemo theme, famous Disney characters were added to It’s A Small World and soon Star Tours will finally have a different stop other than Endor. Yet, when I walk through the gate and under the plaque proclaiming “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy“, I’m instantly transported back to 5, 10, 15 and 20 year old Christine and it doesn’t matter what has or hasn’t changed in my life or at Disneyland. The Castle is still waiting for me at the end of Main Street and somehow, I know everything is going to be alright: I am going to be alright. That may sound corny and sentimental, but I’m okay with that.

So, I wish my happy place and home away from home a very Happy 55th Birthday! I shall celebrate by reliving not only the most amazing fireworks show ever created, but also moments I was not present (or even alive!) for:

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{July} Sunday the 11th

Neville the Hedgehog

Today was an exciting day for my brother and I. We bought our very first pet—it only took us twenty-something years, but we finally got one! Due to allergies, we are unable to have a cat or dog (or anything with fur and dander, really) and as young children we grew up feeling deprived with fish as our only “pets”.  After some research and looking at videos, we decided a hedgehog would make the perfect pet for us. It was a bit spur of the moment, but after going to the exotic pet store down the road (“We’ll just look at them, okay?”) and holding one for ourselves, we decided today was the perfect day to bring home our first pet.

Neville the Hedgehog

Yes, we named him Neville. If it had been a girl, it would have been named Hermione (that one was my brother’s idea. I’m not the only Harry Potter nerd in the house, I just wear it on my sleeve more than others). He was the tiniest one of the lot and so dang cute, how could we say no? We’re pretty excited, but I promise not to spam my blog with pictures of Neville the Hedgehog, no matter how adorable they are.

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Also Known As THE END

Oh, the torment bred in the race,
the grinding scream of death

and the stroke that hits the vein,

the hemorrhage none can staunch, the grief,
the curse no man can bear.

But there is a cure in the house,

and not outside it, no,

not from others but from them,

their bloody strife. We sing to you,
dark gods beneath the earth.

Now hear, you blissful powers underground –
answer the call, send help,

Bless the children, give them triumph now.

I may have watched the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows more than once today. I may have watched it frame-by-frame trying to decipher which parts of the book the quick shots were from. I may be a huge Harry Potter nerd, but I think you guys know that by now.

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