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I’ve been enjoying all the favorite Christmas video movies & clips that have been popping up in my Google reader the past few weeks. And seeing as I’m sitting here on the 23rd of December watching my brother play Call of Duty, I thought I would share an old favorite video and brand new take on “The Christmas Carol”.

Aimee Mann’s Christmas Carol

Featuring John C. Reilly, Michael Cera & John Krasinski, among others.

Disney Christmas Sing-A-Long

My brother and I watched this right before going to bed every Christmas eve, once upon a time. This clip features “A Christmas Fantasy” parade, which I would work on twenty years later. A lot has changed on that parade, but we’ve still got the skating Snowflakes, crazy Reindeer (although they lost their silly tongues), Gingerbread men, Mickey & Minnie are still ice skating and Santa is still the big finale.

Gosh I miss Disneyland right now. I miss the awesome people I worked with. The smelly costumes. The insanity of working in the entertainment department. The coffee cart & hot churros. The elves who never sorted their clothes into the right baskets (evles are annoying, in that respect). I miss the lights and over-the-top Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE (except backstage, because why would we want our cast members to get into the holiday spirit?) and the old-school carols & music piping through Main Street which always seemed so magical late at night. But most of all, I miss these people:

Christmas in Disneyland


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joan_pinkThroughout the first season, Joan sports these gold disc earrings & sun broach with several different outfits. I’m pretty sure there are at least three broaches similar to Joan’s lying around a jewelry box that belonged to my grandmother. I’m not really big on jewelry, but a simple broach can really enhance the simplest outfit (even my usual corduroy jeans & thrifted sweater flower shop attire) and I’ve recently started my own small collection of pins & broaches.

The earrings are simple, elegant and perfect for any outfit.

So here are a plethora of vintage earrings I think Joan would approve of and handmade or retro broaches that caught my eye. If you see something you fancy, click on the picture for the item listing. It could be a Christmas gift to yourself! You know you deserve it.


Silver earrings Jet black earrings

Pearl earrings Green earrings

Red earrings Orange earrings

Snap earrings

(You can change the color of the earring to match your outfit. Amazing! Why has no one bought this yet?)


Broaches & Pins

treepin8 orangebrooch1 Leaf Pin

(The leaf design appeals to the Lord of the Rings nerd in me. It reminds me of the elven leaf broach that the Fellowship receive upon their departure from Lothlorien. I am LOTR nerd first and foremost. LOST & Harry Potter are a close second.)

Flower Pin Circle Pin 50s Flower Pin

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The time has come to take a look at the curvaceous Joan Holloway. When she first appears in the pilot, she is the exact opposite of Peggy: bold, assured and in charge, she makes quite the impression with her red hair and curve hugging sheath dress.

McCalls 4994

Her first dress is a green sheath with kimono sleeves, a curved notched neckline, matching belt and a peculiar fabric adornment along the neckline. Well, if you were looking for a pattern to re-create your own green dress, hurry over to MOMSPatterns and snatch this up. It’s so similar to the green dress that it makes me think the costume designer used it as an inspiration or perhaps found a vintage dress made from the pattern that was tweaked for Christina Hendricks. What do you think? Either way, it’s a great pattern and right now MOMSPatterns is having a 10% off holiday sale through December 31st (the code can be found on the homepage).

joan_coral2Joan’s signature accessory is not only stylish but practical: a pen necklace in gold. The actual prop is vintage and was found in a market in Pasadena, but if you’ve been coveting this piece, you are in luck. A little research shows that the pen is a original 1928 item and they are selling a similar replica for a mere $20. If you like the vintage style but would prefer something with a little color, thereil_430xn48147282 is a fantastic necklace on etsy made with a vintage aqua pencil. If it was made with silver accents rather than gold, I would have snatched it up myself—but unfortunately gold does not suit me. Oh well. I recently picked up Jennifer Perkins “Naughty Secretary Club” book, and she’s got instructions for making your own fountain pen necklace, so I suppose I’ll just have to make my own version. Why did these ever go out of style? It would come in handy while working at the flower shop as I’m forever searching for a pen to take orders or make notes on a delivery.

I hope you are enjoying MMFM. I have way too much fun looking through etsy and my favorite websites for inspiration for these entries, but I am curious to know what else you would like to see included in MMFM. More vintage photos and magazine scans? Or maybe links to modern ready-to-wear clothes that are similar in style? Please leave a comment or email me with your ideas or suggestions! And look for the bonus entry sometime late tonight—I’ve got more fun jewelry links inspired by Joan for your browsing pleasure.

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A New Beginning

Apparently, a wonky airport card was the least of my worries. Shortly after I posted my last entry, my beloved Wallace (that is my computer—I name all my favorite electronic devices after Wallace & Gromit characters because I am clearly insane) froze and when it restarted I saw a flashing folder with a question mark: the Mac sign of death. My hard drive was no more. Luckily, I had the majority my files & pictures backed up on a external hard drive. I lost all my email & bookmarks, which isn’t so bad. I did loose my amazing folder of patterns, tutorials & other crafty goodness I have downloaded over the past two years—but it could have been worse. And now I’ve got a brand spankin’ new hard drive that is twice the size of my older one and it’s so clean and uncluttered I hardly know what to do with it. But really, who cares because there is a new trailer out for LOST season 5! 

I miss this show so much & cannot wait for it to come back. LOST, you complete me. 

Ok, back to cluttering up Wallace like he was before. Step one—download Firefox…

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First of all, sorry about missing Mad Men Fashion Monday this week. I’m having problems with my airport card and am now using the internet the old fashioned way via a 50 foot ethernet cable. Yay fun. So I’ll make it a two-part post next Monday.

Austin has decided to cool off for a day or two, so I’ve been busy in the kitchen making my family’s famous English Toffee. When I was young, my grandma would send packages of her homemade fudge, peanut brittle, fudge and other delicious goodies to family every Christmas. I wasn’t very close to my dad’s mother (when I was little I referred to her as “the mean grandma”), but she did take the time and effort to teach me how to make her famous candy when I was a teenager. I sold pounds and pounds of toffee to pay for my high school choir trips back in the day, but the past few years I’ve only made enough for my family and a handful of friends. This year, I’m making a few batches to sell, so you might find a few pounds in the shop tomorrow. I think it’s the greatest toffee in the world, but I am slightly biased.

Toffee Is Yummy

While I slave over molten hot butter & sugar, I’ve got Christmas movies playing the background. I’m so excited about the new Muppet Christmas special tonight, so I thought I would prepare by watching The Muppet Christmas Carol. Oh gosh, I love the muppets. My all time favorite Christmas movie is A Muppet Family Christmas, which is sadly not available on DVD in an unedited format. But thank god for youtube, because I can now watch this to my hearts content:

It seriously isn’t Christmas without Fozzie & Mr. Snowman.

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by Dyna Moe

Please Note: I do not advise reading Mad Men Fashion Monday’s if you yet to experience the genius that is Mad Men, as I will reference spoilery plots or events from both season one & two. So, do yourself a favor and skip this and go add the first season to your Netflix queue or go rent it from your favorite local video rental store. Really, what are you waiting for?


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Yesterday was a fantastic day. Today, not so much. It’s not that it’s been a bad day; just a uneventful, mundane day full of errands (like going to the Post Office, fun), a pile of mending and tedious sewing to finish, not winning the Amazon contest to get the opportunity buy a copy of Beedle the Bard to MAYBE get one of the 35 copies signed by J.K. Rowling and either I sprained my thumb or the inevitable arthritis is starting to set in, because my left thumb really hurts. But yesterday…


5 Reasons Why Yesterday Was Awesome


1. I was notified that I was one of three lucky winners of Pink Chalk Fabrics Thanksgiving sale giveaway. YAY! Now I have a gift certificate to buy even MORE fabric. I’m trying to exercise some self-control and refrain from using it now, but I think I will have to pick some of this collection up for an adorable one year old I know.

2. I bought a pound of fresh, locally roasted, fair trade, delicious coffee during “$2 off Tuesday” at a little cafe downtown. Just doing my part to Keep Austin Weird

3. Xbox live+Netflix=DVD quality episodes of 30 Rock available for streaming at a moment’s notice. “Never go with a hippie to a second location.”

4. My Pink Chalk order arrived Monday night (hurray for fast shipping!) and I was so excited I made a bag out of my new fabric right away. It’s my go-to, basic, pleated bag that is perfect carrying the essentials: wallet, cell phone, Burt’s Bees chapstick, my Sigg bottle, iPod & FM transmitter, an apple, weekly planner and whatever book I’m reading at the moment. Okay, that is probably more than the essentials and it might also explain the shoulder pain, but at least it’s pretty!


5. Pizza from Gino’s for dinner. It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

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