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I’m a second generation Davy Crockett lover. My parents were children in the early 1950’s when Fes Parker donned a coonskin cap and swept America (heck, the world!) off its feet with his portrayal of one of America’s greatest folk heroes. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know about Davy Crockett or didn’t have the entire Disney movie memorized. When we were very young, my brother and I would build a fort out of chairs and cushions, watch Davy Crockett and pretend to shoot the bad guys along with Davy and Georgie.

Part of the appeal (to 10 year old Christine) of moving to Texas was to be in the same state where Davy Crockett fought and died. Every preconceived idea I had of Texas came straight from Davy Crockett. I can’t tell you how shocked and disappointed I was when my family first moved to San Antonio—Texas wasn’t a desert! It had trees and hills and grass and fields and fields of the most colorful wildflowers I had ever seen. The Alamo was not a massive fort but a tiny missions and I couldn’t fathom how those men and woman could have stayed and fought so long is such a claustrophobic environment.

Lookee here! One bullit on top of the other!

Whenever my brother and I were sick, we watched Davy Crockett. When we wanted to pretend to go on adventures, we watched Davy Crockett. Even now, at age 25, when everything is going wrong and I long to return to those simpler times, I watch Davy Crockett. Daniel and I can still quote the movie, complete with whooping and hollering noises.

When Fes Parker passed away a few weeks ago, a part of my childhood went with him. He may have only been an actor, but to me he was a larger than life hero—an immortal figure who would always be around, like the real life Davy Crockett. I know he will live on in the movies and in our hearts and memories (and you can bet if I ever have kids, they will watch Davy Crockett), but there was something nice about knowing he was still out there and the world seems a bit smaller without him.

Fess Parker, I never met you, but you made my world a happier place.


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Hello, dear readers! I have made it halfway through V-day week relatively unscathed and for that I am happy. I’m testing out a theory that if I do silly little things throughout the day that keep me sane, I will not be as stressed. So far, it is working. Also, wearing red lipstick helps a lot ’cause if something makes me mad, I can pretend I’m a femme fatale and plan how I would manipulate a dark & handsome man to execute my revenge plot on whoever was making my life miserable. It’s the little things that keep me sane. Like this guy:

His name is Craig (AKA Wheezy Waiter) and he makes videos. For the time being, he is posting a new video every weekday and that makes me so happy because I have something to look forward to every night when I get home from work. Like this gem…

…and this one, which is notable for the jingle “Craig in a wig” because I hum/sing that at work and it makes me laugh. A lot.

Craig/Wheezy Waiter, I’ve never met you, but you make my world a happier place.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! You know you want to.

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The middle of January is my least favorite time of the year, for a myriad of reasons. But in the year Twenty-Ten, I’m trying not let it get me down. I’ve been doing little things this week that make me happy; whether it be eating cupcakes, wearing red lipstick everyday or watching my favorite TV show. I thought a few of you may be experiencing the “January blahs” as well, so today I am going to introduce you to a couple of guys who make me smile.

Meet Hank (on the left) and John Green. Collectively they are known ’round the internets as the VlogBrothers. They make videos on youtube and a bunch of people (like me!) watch them. We are known as Nerdfighters. Sometimes the videos are silly. Sometimes they are educational and informative. Occasionally, Hank sings a song. Whatever the subject matter, they are always entertaining.

Hank and John just started their fourth year of video blogging, so now is a good time to start watching and maybe become a nerdfighter yourself. But first, you might want to watch the FAQ’s.

To introduce you further to the awesomeness that is the VlogBrothers, here are two of my favorite videos.

Hank and John Green, I’ve never met you—but you make my world a happier place.

Don’t forget to be awesome!

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Last week, I was saddened to hear that after 26 years, one of my favorite TV shows from childhood, Reading Rainbow, was going off the air. I don’t have kids and I don’t babysit anymore, so I haven’t kept up with the show. Still, I was upset, outraged, sad and disheartened to hear the news. I don’t quite understand the philosophy that we need to focus on teaching children how to read before we teach them why we read. Don’t they go hand-in-hand? If we don’t try to instill a love of reading a young age, how can we expect to kids to enjoy reading when they are older? Granted, this is something that should be taught not just from a TV show, but from teachers and especially parents. But should there not be at least one program on air showing kids how awesome books and reading can be? I can vividly recall watching LeVar Burton talk about a book and being so excited about it I wanted to check it out of the library right away. And who wasn’t insanely jealous of the kids who came on at the end of show to recommend a book?

(I would have done a much better job than that kid. First of all, I would have picked this book by Robert Ballard, which is, like, a THOUSAND times better then the book he recommended. Even 8 year old Christine knew that. But don’t take my word for it. *ba dah dum*)

The same evening I heard about Reading Rainbow’s demise, I went to my favorite bookstore to find a couple board books for a certain someone I know who will be turning two next month. I scoured the shelves, looking for old favorites and discovering new books I wanted for myself. I was ecstatic to find a title I dearly loved when I was a wee little girl and a great, enormous smile broke across my face when I pulled it off the shelf and saw the cover:

Caps for Sale

I’ve never met you LeVar Burton, but you and Reading Rainbow made my world a happier place. Thanks for all the books and the great memories.


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