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Okay, it’s a few weeks late, but here is the promised picture of Flossie and her locket. She is a bit older in this picture.

Flossie's Locket

Flossie's Locket

It’s really hard to tell in the photo, but the locket has a bird in the middle with flowers and leaves on the outside. I really, really, really want to take it out of the frame and wear it around, but I’m also scared something might happen to it and that would make me sad. It does look lovely framed next to her photo, but I can’t help but feeling it would like to escape and be worn once again.


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For my mom’s surprise birthday party, I decided to order cupcakes from our favorite local cupcake shop, Sugar Mama’s, instead of baking them myself (which was a smart decision, as I wound up working 6 days last week, blah). But because I’m me, I couldn’t just throw the cupcakes in their boxes out on the table. I decided to make some cupcake stands following this tutorial from Threadbanger:

I scrounged around Goodwill and my local thrift stores in search of suitable dishes for a few weeks, but the stores were sorely lacking. Then, one magical Wednesday evening, the thrifting and crafting gods smiled down upon me and presented me with the perfect dishes. A bit of glue, my heaviest books (there is a reason I have so many hefty tomes in my bookcase—for craft projects!) and several hours were all it took to make these beauties.

Cupcake Tier
Cupcake Tier

I made four of these lovelies for less than the cost of one new ugly stand from Target. I love them! The large white and middle glass plates are all different, so they aren’t too matchy-matchy. Two of them have the green custard cups and two are these coffee cups, but my favorite part is obviously the polka-dot shot glasses I found for the top tier.

Cupcake Topper Cupcake Topper

I also made cupcake toppers, but I didn’t quite think everything through as, excepting the cupcakes on top, they were too tall to use. Oh well, now I have loads of toppers ready for future birthday celebrations.

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Today is my mom’s birthday—HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! She is the reason things have been so quiet on the blogging front these past few weeks—I’ve been hard at work planning a (sort of) surprise party for her that we had yesterday. I have a couple of crafty projects from the party I want to show off later, but for now let us bask in the glory of a remastered Beatles song. This is the tune I have been singing all week long.

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1. Flip the Bird 4: A Change of Seasons. Four different scenes and layout interpreted by four of my favorite artists. Love. Love. Love.

2. Drinking a whole bottle of Fess Parker Riesling by myself (not in one sitting! Although I wanted to). Delicious.

3. Eating tex-mex four out of five meals I’ve had in the past 48 hours (breakfast not included). I think I could live on chips and salsa. Yesh.

4. Neglecting and pushing aside chores in favor of reading during a busy week.

5. This 1960’s summer picture of Disneyland from Main Gate Admissions. I love all the people in white and blue with a smattering of red.

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Abel by The National

Sometimes, my mind is just not right. But listening to The National makes everything okay again.


My brother and the band are this close to finishing mixing their second LP, hurray! They’ve been posting behind-the-scenes videos of the recording sessions, which has been pretty interesting to watch. Anyways, in the latest installment they showed bits of the strings that were recorded for a few songs (minds/brains is the theme for this week), which I think is beyond awesome. There is also a bunch of silliness and playing around with electronic toys that I find hilarious, but I’m slightly biased.

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I’m a second generation Davy Crockett lover. My parents were children in the early 1950’s when Fes Parker donned a coonskin cap and swept America (heck, the world!) off its feet with his portrayal of one of America’s greatest folk heroes. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know about Davy Crockett or didn’t have the entire Disney movie memorized. When we were very young, my brother and I would build a fort out of chairs and cushions, watch Davy Crockett and pretend to shoot the bad guys along with Davy and Georgie.

Part of the appeal (to 10 year old Christine) of moving to Texas was to be in the same state where Davy Crockett fought and died. Every preconceived idea I had of Texas came straight from Davy Crockett. I can’t tell you how shocked and disappointed I was when my family first moved to San Antonio—Texas wasn’t a desert! It had trees and hills and grass and fields and fields of the most colorful wildflowers I had ever seen. The Alamo was not a massive fort but a tiny missions and I couldn’t fathom how those men and woman could have stayed and fought so long is such a claustrophobic environment.

Lookee here! One bullit on top of the other!

Whenever my brother and I were sick, we watched Davy Crockett. When we wanted to pretend to go on adventures, we watched Davy Crockett. Even now, at age 25, when everything is going wrong and I long to return to those simpler times, I watch Davy Crockett. Daniel and I can still quote the movie, complete with whooping and hollering noises.

When Fes Parker passed away a few weeks ago, a part of my childhood went with him. He may have only been an actor, but to me he was a larger than life hero—an immortal figure who would always be around, like the real life Davy Crockett. I know he will live on in the movies and in our hearts and memories (and you can bet if I ever have kids, they will watch Davy Crockett), but there was something nice about knowing he was still out there and the world seems a bit smaller without him.

Fess Parker, I never met you, but you made my world a happier place.

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It’s a bit of a understatement to say that music is part of my life. I live with musicians (one full-time, one part-time), so whether it is coming from iTunes, the radio, record player or someone absentmindedly playing the guitar (an acoustic guitar seems to be always lying around), my house and mind is constantly filled with music.

Inspired by others who share what music is on rotation in their lives, I decided to try out a new regular feature: Theme Song for the Week. I have a habit of listening to one album over and over again for a week (or more). Invariably, I will latch on to one song in particular, which becomes a sort of theme song for my week that I now plan on sharing with you. Sound like fun?

I’m going to kick things off with my own personal theme song. There are songs that float in and out of my life according to the seasons (literally and figuratively) but Make Your Own Kind of Music shall always be the main theme to the soundtrack of my life.

What is the theme song to your life?

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