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Hilda in a hat

Hilda Paulsen when she was 19 years old. I wonder if this was a new outfit and if this picture was taken to mark a special occasion?


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Vintage Disneyland

My mom when she was around 6 years old with her mother and brother in front of the castle, either 1956 or ’57. This is one of the many reasons I love Disneyland; I could go into the park today and sit in the exact spot where my mom was standing over 50 years ago. There is a certain magic to that which I just don’t find any other place on earth.

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Frances and William

{circa 1923}

My maternal grandmother, Frances, and her brother, William, in El Centro California. I’ve been staring at this for a while and I’m fairly positive that is a hand-me-down romper Frances is wearing. I know their father left them when they were very young and their mother, Helen, struggled to support her children, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the rompers she is wearing originally belonged to William.

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This is my dad and I at TheOneRing.net‘s Oscar party back in 2004. It’s only fitting that over six years later we are traveling to New Zealand together to be nerds and seek out the Hobbiton and Rivendell filming locations. Though, sadly, we won’t be dressed like this.

We have a quick few days in California before we travel to the land of kiwis, hobbits and some of the best dairy products I’ve ever had, so I’ll probably pop back in before we leave. Til then, dear readers!

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Okay, it’s a few weeks late, but here is the promised picture of Flossie and her locket. She is a bit older in this picture.

Flossie's Locket

Flossie's Locket

It’s really hard to tell in the photo, but the locket has a bird in the middle with flowers and leaves on the outside. I really, really, really want to take it out of the frame and wear it around, but I’m also scared something might happen to it and that would make me sad. It does look lovely framed next to her photo, but I can’t help but feeling it would like to escape and be worn once again.

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Aunt Flossie

{circa 1905}

Florence Lillian Ward, better known as Aunt Flossie, is the girl in the back wearing the locket. I’m guessing the girl in white is her sister-in-law, Helen, my maternal great-grandmother.

Flossie never married and in true old maid fashion was very fond of playing the piano. I think we inherited some of her sheet music. The locket we most definitely have—I’ll share it with you next week.

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Paulsen Family

Standing (L-R): Ole, Hilda (the oldest), Hedvig and Gunda.
Sitting (L-R): Paul, Ludvig, Betty (the mother) and Borghid.

I’m not sure if it was taken in Norway or California, but it supposedly is from the late 1920’s. It’s hard to tell because the girls’ clothing looks more late Edwardian to me, but that doesn’t mean anything—I wear clothes that are ten years old. ANYways, let us admire Hilda’s hair and agree that Gunda looks like she would have been the fun Aunt that baked you cookies and laughed at all your jokes. Also, Ludvig was totally the most handsome Paulsen, right?

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