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HELLO DEAR READERS! Bet you never expected to see a post from me again. I myself wondered if I would ever want to write one again. This year has been….different. It’s been good and exciting and monotonous and busy and boring and full of soul searching and trying to understand my heart. And we’ve still got three and a half months left in 2011! I wonder what it shall bring.

When I got back from my trip to London and meeting Kate (which is where we left off months and months ago) life got very busy and then mine got complicated and I honestly didn’t feel like talking to anyone, much less writing blog posts. I didn’t even think about starting to write ye old A Rambling Fancy blog again until the end of July. I went back and forth in my mind—to write, or not to write. Do I even have time to write? I don’t really know. But the truth is I’ve missed the blogging world and my bloggy friends (even if I do see you on Twitter, which is totally my BFF now—if you aren’t on Twitter WHY EVER NOT?! IT IS THE BEST!) and if I had never started this blog I would have never met Kate and that thought makes me sad. So yes, I am back. I have no idea what I’m doing and what this blog will turn into—but who cares. I’ll figure it out.

So, if you’re still reading this, tell me—what have you been up to since…March? Hahahaha, I’ll make us a large pot of coffee (or tea or hot water or whatever strikes your fancy) and we’ll catch up, okay? Okay.

I missed the hell out of you, my darlings.



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