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~Introducing Friend/Roomie Xavier to some brilliant but canceled TV shows.

~Discovering the short stories of Eudora Welty. Why did no one tell me about her before? I am in love.

~Mourning the loss of my all-time favorite show. Oh LOST, I miss you so much already.

~Gorging myself on fresh blackberries, strawberries, pears, apples, oranges and, of course, Fredericksburg peaches.

~Planning a last minute trip to New Zealand…

…and my home away from home.

Oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t know about you, but I like the simple life. I like having things to accomplish to keep me busy, I don’t enjoy being busy. You know, the kind of busy that is rushing from one job to the next and one errand to another. I’m from Austin—we are laid back and enjoy taking our time. This past month has been crazy and weird and the wrong kind of busy. But June? June is going to be the right kind of busy, ’cause I’m going here:

Yep, New Zealand AKA Middle Earth. A few weeks ago, Air New Zealand had the greatest sale on round trip tickets I have seen in the 7+ years of being on their email list. With my tax refund money burning a hole in my pocket, how was I to resist? A few phone calls later, I convinced my dad to join me on a impromptu trip—an amazing feat considering he has never traveled outside of the USA before (well, I think he’s been to Mexico, but as a California boy, that doesn’t really count). Being huge Lord of the Rings nerds, we are going to scope out a few locations that were used in the film, which I am super excited about. I also get to see my dear friend and my little “nephew”, hurray! On my way home to Texas, I have a quick layover planned in Orange County. I’m long overdue for a visit with my California friends and I’m in need of a Disneyland fix.

Did I mention I leave this Friday? Yeah, I’m going crazy. But that is okay, it’s the (mostly) good kind of crazy. Needless to say, it’s going to be quiet around these parts for a bit (what’s new?), but I am hoping to keep my flickr updated with photos (depending on internet availability) and I have loads of fun stuff planned for the summer after I get back home.

And you, dear readers, what have you been up to as of late? Got any grand summer (or winter) plans?


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Be Right Back

It’s been mighty quiet around these parts because my brain hurts and is about to explode. I need a time-turner, darn it! This is probably the 6,815 time I’ve told you, but seriously—I wish magic was real.

See you in a week or two, my darlings!

P.S. I’ll probably still be twittering, ’cause I’m a dork.

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Chinese Translation by M Ward

A very happy day after Mother’s Day to everyone! I barely survived an epic Mother’s Day and prom weekend at the flower shop and the rest of May is looking just as insane, but that’s okay. I can handle it. I say bring it on.

It’s been a bittersweet weekend in my house—full of happy weddings and sad breakups and endings. This song goes out to my roomie Xave—it’s best listened to on repeat for a minimum of half an hour.

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Wrapped Up in Books by Belle and Sebastian

I bought six—SIX!—books last night, so this seemed appropriate. Four were used and two were new, but still, that is quite extravagant of me. Good thing it is Mother’s Day week, ’cause it looks like I just spent that extra money I have yet to earn.

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A few of my favorite things from this week, both online and in my life.

1. Theresa’s desktop wallpaper for May is so stripey and lovely, I’m sure you’ll want to save it for yourself.

2. I need this in my kitchen. Now. {via whorange}

Wonderful World of Color

3. Letterheady is full of fascinating old letterheads from companies and noteworthy people. I, of course, love the old Disney letterheads, but I also think the Dick Tracy, Star Trek and Buffalo Bill letterheads are equally awesome.

4. I want to make a skirt from this fabric. The designer is Art School Dropout and you should look at her other work because you will like it. Yep. {via True Up}

5. Watching 16 Candles with my brother, ’cause he has somehow managed to live 23 years without seeing a John Hughes movie. The Breakfast Club is up next.

P.S. See who else is playing along with Five Faves this week here.

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