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“I keep going a lot of places and ending up
somewhere I’ve already been.”

Oh Don Draper...

~via dhw20500 on flickr~

“Don’t go to the well. There’s no water there.”

Trudy on the phone

The Drapers

Do the Drapers and the Campbells have the same phone? I wouldn’t be surprised, it is a fantastic shade of blue. Cassie Lynne’s etsy store happens to have a vintage Princess phone available at a very reasonable price if you took a fancy to Trudy’s phone last night.

Trudy's Phone

“Limit Your Exposure.”

London Fog Aqua

If I lived in a city that actually saw rain, I would snatch the above vintage aqua London Fog jacket from Violetville Vintage in a heartbeat. Sadly here in Austin, we are experiencing one of the worst droughts in a hundred years, so it’s a bit hard to imagine ever needing to pull my own London Fog trench coat out of the closet again.

“I could listen to him read the phone book.”


Aqua Bow Dress

It’s probably a good thing Peggy’s new secretary, Lola, wasn’t wearing this fetching aqua dress, else Moneypenny might not have ever left her alone.

~Links of interest~

~The Footnotes of Mad Men on Tumblr

~Take a peak at the real 1960’s ad campain over in the history section of the London Fog website.

~Slightly unsettling 1960’s American Airlines ad

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am very happy the gang at Sterling Cooper are back.



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Pete saw Tony Curtis in the men’s room.

Basket of Kisses

Peggy gave Freddy his basket of kisses.

Betty is Nordic

Betty isn’t profoundly sad. It’s just that her people are Nordic.


“It will shock you how much it never happened.”

Don Draper

Don Draper is Dick Whitman.

Dick Whitman

Dick Whitman is Don Draper.


Joan is so much woman.

It's just gone.

“One day, you’re there. And then, all of the sudden, there’s less of you. And you wonder where that part went—if it’s living somewhere outside of you. And you keep thinking, maybe you’ll get it back. And then you realize—it’s just gone.”

And finally:

Mad Men returns next week, hurray! Mad Men Monday is also making it’s return to my rambling little blog, in a slightly different format. We’ll see how it goes. I’m excited to see what has changed since we last saw the gang at Sterling Cooper. If Ken Cosgrove is married I will laugh. A lot.

See you next Monday!


P.S. Have you made a Mad Men version of yourself yet? It’s pretty much the greatest way to spend an evening. I’ve spent far too much time making different version of myself and some friends, but this is my favorite version of me. It’s remarkable how much it resembles the real-life version of Christine.

(All images via the AMC Mad Men photo gallery)

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Yellow Eyelet DressImage courtesy of AMC.

Hello, dear readers! This week we are taking a peek at this buttery number Betty wears in episode four, “New Amsterdam”. I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous of January Jones in this costume. I am a fair blond myself, but I cannot wear any shade of yellow without looking like death (perhaps it’s because Betty’s people are Nordic and mine are German), so I am a little resentful that she wears yellow so very well.

I love the fabric in this dress, it is so very dainty and sweet, but I’m afraid I couldn’t find anything that was a close match available online. If you want to troll around your local fabric shops for a suitable substitute, be sure to check out all the screen shots I uploaded up flickr—it’s a little ridiculous how many I took, but when I do research I like to look at as many photos as I can from every possible angle and I know there are other people out there who like to do the same, so these are for you, fellow researcher.

Betty Draper-Yellow Eyelet Dress Betty Draper-Yellow Eyelet Dress

Vintage Dresses on Etsy

il_fullxfull58469638 il_fullxfull59850937


Maybe your people are Nordic or perhaps you are a brunette who can rock yellow like no other color—either way, these dresses are for you. However, if you are like me and people constantly ask you if you are ill when you wear yellow in any shade, shape, size & form, maybe you should go for this green shirt dress instead…..

Vintage Sewing Patterns

il_fullxfull33724990 il_fullxfull29439443

il_fullxfull38723771 il_fullxfull56770448

….or you could make your own version! All four of these patterns are nearly identical to Betty’s dress—and they are in a myriad of bust sizes and price ranges, so snap your favorite up before it’s gone. I’m partial to the top left and bottom right, not only for the pattern but also the handwritten notes. I think there is something magical about finding vintage sewing patterns & books with notes written all over them. I know some people don’t like buying & using/wearing/reading vintage & pre-owned items, and maybe it’s the wannabe archaeologist in me, but I like feeling connected to a previous owner.

That’s it for this edition of MMFM. I have a few random sewing projects I was going share with you later this week, so I hope to see you then!

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Pink Dress

So how about last weeks MMFM, huh? The best yet, I think. Oh boy, I am lame. I have no legitimate excuse—I think V-Day week finally caught up with me and I basically slept the weekend away and before I knew it, it was Tuesday night and I hadn’t typed a word. Oh well. That is the way life goes sometimes. But I am back and on track (for now) and I’ve got some grand plans for future entries, so let’s get on with it, shall we?

Pink Dress-Sunburst Brooch

It’s been a while since we took a closer look at Joan’s sheath dresses, so I thought we would start with this hot pink number she wears in episodes 3 and 7. I can’t find a pattern that has a midriff detail similar to Joan’s, so I’m pretty sure it’s a design the costumer came up with on her own. Simplicity 1410 (below) is a simple wiggle dress with kimono sleeves that would make a perfect base pattern if you wanted to add your own midriff detail. Or if you already have a sheath dress that you love, why not accessorize with a vintage gold brooch? These are two I found on etsy that are similar to the ones Joan wears.


To complete the ensemble, Nerdybird at etsy (I love that shop name) has this amazing vintage handbag for sale.

Pink Dress-Sunburst Brooch il_fullxfull25943187

I’m trying to find more ready-to-wear options that I think have a similar style for those of you who don’t sew (or rather, who don’t sew yet…I’m going to do my darndest to convert you!) and right now, J Crew has these two fabulous wool sheath dresses on sale. These would be the perfect staples to keep in your closest to get a jump on your winter wardrobe for next year!

blackdress pinkdress

That about wraps it up for this edition of MMFM, hope you enjoyed it! If you have any requests for future posts (such as, “I want Betty’s yellow dress in episode 4–help me!”), please leave me a comment or send me an email—I’d love to hear from you and I’m always looking for new suggestions.

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Happy Presidents Day, everyone! Although I really don’t know what we’re suppossed to be celebrating today—our past Presidents birthdays? That fact that we have a President? All I know is the banks are closed and we didn’t get any mail but I still had to work. Oh well. In honor of this “holiday”, here is a quick peek at the fashion of Jackie Kennedy before she was the First Lady.


This is a really sweet photo of Jackie Kennedy with a young Caroline Kennedy. I love that she is reading “I CAN FLY”, illustrated by the brilliant Mary Blair.

The original dress image is courtesy of the JFK Presidential library. No other information is listed, other than “fuchsia dress with ruffle”. Thanks guys—like we couldn’t figure that out on our own.


Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, life is back to it’s normal pace and so MMFM will return to its usual format next week. Thanks for putting up with my sporadic posting, “special editions” and flower shop ramblings. I’ll try to be more prepared when Mother’s Day rolls around…but no promises. :-)

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I was browsing through Anthropologie for no apparent reason yesterday (’cause a girl is entitled to dream) when I was suddenly struck by a few items that screamed “MAD MEN!” at me. So today I bring you what I think Betty, Joan & Peggy would wear if they walked into an Anthropologie store today.


bettydress bettydress2

bettyskirt bettyskirt2

bettytop bettytop2

bettysweater bettyjacket1


joandress joanpurpledress

joantop joantop2

joansweater joanskirt



peggydress peggydress2

peggyskirt peggyskirt2


peggysweater peggyjacket

We are fast approaching Valentine’s Day, so I think I’ll be switching things up around here until I regain my sanity (haha!). I recently aquired three 1950’s Montgomery Wards catalogs, so I might just be posting vintage images for inspiration for the next few MMFM. We’ll see how insane it gets.

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Pink has been a reoccurring color in my life lately, which is a bit odd, considering it is not my favorite color in the world. Chocolate brown, coral, plum and green in every shade I love—pink, not so much. Favorite colors aside and continuing on with the pink theme, this week we’re taking a closer look at a dress Betty wears during dinner at home in episodes 2 (Ladies Room) and 7 (Red in the Face).

Pink Striped Dress

Pink Striped Dress Pink Striped Dress
Pink Striped Dress

This would be a pretty easy dress to re-create and if you already have a stash of vintage patterns, chances are you have something similar to this or a pattern that could be easily altered. But more on that later. First up, fabric! I personally would make this up in a green stripe, but if you have your heart set on pink, here a just a few choices I found (mostly natural fibers, because I hate polyester):

rr922250x250_thumb yy591250x250_thumb medium_al-102 xx972250x250_thumb1

10-25-pink-stripe-lg 5-2-really-pink-stripe-lg 2-13-charvet-pink-lg

Okay, so you’ve picked out your fabric and bought matching buttons & thread and even found some vintage faux pearl earrings because you are going to do this the right way. Now you need a pattern! These are two possibilities I like a lot:



In both patterns, the girl in plaid smack dab in the middle is the look we are going for. I really like these pattern as is—but with a little tweaking it’ll work for our version of Betty’s dress.

We’re going to swap the pleated & gathered skirt for a full circle skirt with the seams in the front and back. Do not be scared. This is really, really, super simple and anyone can do it. You may even have a pattern piece from a different pattern you could use for this. If not, don’t worry, because it is really easy to make your own. I’ve gone through the steps on flickr, but I hope to make this into a PDF file sometime soon so it will be easier for you to follow at home. The first thing you need to do figure out the finished waist measurement on the dress, which is usually printed in the instructions, or on a pattern piece. From there, use the following formula, chart and tutorial to draft your pattern:

Circle Skirt Pattern Calculation Full Circle Skirt Chart

Circle Skirt

Both of these patterns I’ve shown you have the right collar for our look, but what if it didn’t? What if you bought the pattern at a thrift store because it was a quarter and then you discovered you were missing the collar pieces (can you tell this has happened to me on more than one occasion)? Have no fear, Christine is here with another tutorial! It may look a bit intimidating, but it’s mostly tracing, which we all learned in kindergarten, so I think you can handle it.

Peter Pan Collar

There you go, two tutorials in one day! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll do my best to help you out. And please let me know if I missed a step or if something is unclear—I will admit that I was running back and forth from my sewing room to the living room watching the inauguration parade & other festivities…so I was a bit distracted…but happily so.

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