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One of my favorite aspects of the costume design in Mad Men is the characters are seen wearing the same outfit more than once. It’s a small touch, but it really adds to the realism of the show. In classic TV series such as I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show or The Mary Tyler Moore Show the lead female characters could been seen wearing the same dress several times during a season— a rare occurance in television shows nowadays.

This weeks entry is inspired by Peggy’s blue checkered dress. She is seen wearing this fantastic dress twice in the span of 13 episodes in season 1 and in the season 2 premiere set 15 months later.

Peggy's Blue Checkered Dress

I’m a sucker for plaid & checks and this is easily one of my favorite dresses of Peggy’s. The contrasting white collar and winged cuffs remind me of Ethel Mertz, for some unknown reason, but a quick Google search doesn’t return anything like it—so it just must be all in my head.

Everyone neat and pretty? Then on with the post!

Vintage Sewing Patterns for Sale

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These dropped waist dress patterns aren’t an exact match to Peggy’s, but they are pretty. As always, click on the image to be taken to the online shop to purchase.

Vintage Inspiration

A 1957 secretary from the amazing photos you can find on Google from Life magazine. I love these shots of real people more than the glamorous magazine scans.


These sophisticated NYC city girls are from the fabulous Millie Motts. If you haven’t checked out her blog, a fair warning—you will spend hours looking at all her amazing photos & scans. Hours. And hours.

Vintage Fashion Today

Sometimes wearing vintage clothes comes off looking a bit costumey, but these ladies know how to rock the vintage plaid and checkered dress.

I don’t know about you, but now I’m inspired to go out and make my own checkered dress or hit the thrift stores looking for something that could be refashioned. I hope this has inspired you and perhaps gotten your creative juices flowing. I’ll see you next MMFM!


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